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By | December 23, 2016

Download Film L.O.R.D Legend of Ravaging Dynasties (2016) WEB-DL

Sinopsis :

selamat pagi sobat bertemu kembali dengan mimin Download film korea terbaru kali ini akan berbagi flm asal negara china film yang berjudul L.O.R.D Legend of Ravaging Dynasties bercerita tentang – Legend of the myth Aotin mainland is divided into water, wind, fire, and four countries, each country has the soul of skilled people, the most powerful of the seven known as Wang Jue. Water country ordinary boy Qi zero (Chen Xue Dong) was seven degrees WangJue silver dust (Wu Yi Fan) for the apostles, involved in the soul of the storm, water country hidden secret gradually surfaced.

Aotin continent in this mysterious world, the West of the Seven Kingdoms Silver Silver Empire to find their own apostles Qi zero, but inadvertently discovered the previous generation of Wang Jazz Gilgamesh may be alive the secret, so (Chen Wei Ting), Te Leiya (Guo Caixie decoration) also received a silver dust and ghost mountain lotus (Fan Bingbing) and others kill the red (red), and so on to kill, News. A battle between the king and the apostles for the sake of truth and glory.

Info Film :

Title:LORD: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties
Original Title:L.O.R.D Legend of Ravaging Dynasties / 爵迹
Release Date:July 15, 2016
Starring:Fan Bingbing / Wu Yifan / Chen Xuetong / Chen Weiting / Guo Caigejie
Genres:Animation, Fantasy

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